my prejudice story

It’s actually very easy to discriminate and stigmatize people. I almost did that for a bike man today……
I saw the man with natural locked hair (dada) and I was instinctively against approaching him. He did nothing wrong neither did I know him from Adam, it was just my prejudice.
I stood at the bus stop for few minutes with no bike man willing to go my way after I had walked past this “dada.”
I just didn’t want him to carry me because I felt eeewww🥵🤮 for no reason at all
Then I became uncomfortable when this man came to me with his bike and was asking where I’m headed. I was happy when I mentioned my destination and he looked confused. I was quick to say you don’t know the place so don’t worry.
Then the man with a friendly gesture said “since you know the place don’t worry I will take you there, just tell me how much you usually pay”

I was reluctant and the man insisted with a reassuring smile.

I was 🙄
But at the same time
I was just so impressed by the approach of the man and his tenacity to win me over even without knowing my prejudice. I got on the bike and we got talking. He actually did know my area, was just not conversant with the name.

I did felt bad because I judged him from the first look as a ruffian but he was only having a locked hair. He did nothing wrong, none at all.

That taught me something…….It is quite easy to speak against racism and discrimination when it is done in obvious degrees like xenophobic attacks or the whites calling blacks 🐵.
There are subtle ways we have been judging people as unequal with us without even giving them a chance. Remember the law court assumes innocent until proven otherwise.

You have no right to nail someone’s coffin after just an encounter, remember you are a product of many chances. Everyone deserves a second chance.

Renew your mind……I’m working on mine

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