Believe in the Process

I took just a shoulder strap bag containing two pair of trousers; one black and one brown. I think I had four shirts and two rounds necks. I left home few months after concluding my undergraduate studies. Since service year wasn’t certain, I decided to seek a teacher job which I found. I started live in another city quite far from parents and family. Tough is quite relative but I had my share of it. I was clear as at then beyond all doubt that I was going to be in the knowledge industry. Trust me I didn’t know how it will be, but I trusted the process. This is the part where you expect me to say my big achievement right? Hold on just a while yet, I’m only here today to inform you how much of clarity you need. You cannot trust any process if you don’t define why you are in that pipeline. Life throws us situations to brew us and refine our character. To remain focused on the lessons of the process, you must have a strong reason for your life. Wondering how you will get there?

You need CLARITY.

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