The bouncing ball

Success is how high you bounce after you hit bottom

General George Patton

The human spirit is like a bouncing ball. As long as it is inflated, can bounce. But the irony is that it will never bounce until it hits or is hit by a hard surface. The true quality of a ball can never be known until it is subjected to force, and it even goes that the harder the force, the better of the ball’s quality we can discern.
You have heard it countless times and probably tired of it that the fire is what brings forth the beauty of gold. The human spirit is also brought to a place of excellence, brilliance, and creativity when the means are tight. Great advances in medicine for instances were necessitated by the disease outbreaks that plagued humanity and threatened to wipe out our kind.
Every time man came up with a better way to do something, it was because the problem at hand has gotten someone so pissed that he can no longer stand the mockery. The simple opening argument I am bringing forward here is the fact that challenges, obstacles, hard times, problems, failures, heartbreaks are the forces that will make us bounce to new heights.

Hard Times Makes us Better

The harder the ball hits a surface, the higher it bounces. Let your obstacles motivate you to try harder


Edward Jenner was credited to be the inventor of the vaccine and opened the ground for immunological studies. Making smallpox a history to many of this generation after it has been a menace to humans for centuries. Almost 7 million lives were claimed by smallpox in the plague of Antonine in AD 108.
It was the presence of a menace that gave ground for Jenner to break with his novel idea of vaccination. The need of Europe to access Asia for salt and spices was what led Columbus to his expeditions of discovering the lands of America. The challenging times are for us to shine, innovate, and excel just like the ball bounces off hard surfaces.

How we can Bounce
As long as it is inflated, it keeps bouncing. Get your mind inflated with the right thought and you will keep bouncing back.


Not to put the cart before the horse, the ball truly bounces when there is a force effect on it, but that is not the primary reason for the bounce. Apply force to a layer of leather or fabric and see if it will bounce or rather tear. There is a primary quality of the ball that makes it bounce, it is the stuff it contains.
Character and virtue is what makes a man shine through hard times. An empty ball cannot bounce, so an empty man cannot bounce off tough times to success. Resilience is a key character that can make the best of any man come forth no matter the situation. You have to train your mind to remain positive despite your current circumstance. You cannot afford to leave out positive thinking and optimism in your life.
It is what a man does that opportunity will give a platform to, no idle man gets lucky. Whatever your hand finds to do, you will be wise to do it well, the hardship is a chance for you to shine. But to shine you must be doing something. Edward Jenner never stopped learning, he just didn’t stumble on the cowpox magic, he studied studiously.
You may think he had a good life to help him learn, but he was orphaned as early as five. He became an apprentice to a country surgeon and apothecary at thirteen. He was an apprentice for two masters until he was 21. He was a man that did not despise training and learning. To rise off hard surfaces, you must be subjected to training and learning.

I don’t measure a man’s success by how high he climbs but how high he bounces when he hits bottom

General George Patton

You can be Special too
We are in a generation that has seen those that turn their hard times into success has a special breed. But let me tell you that you can be special too. Nothing stops you from taking ownership of your hardship turning it into success. It all starts with your mind, what do you believe of yourself?
There is a special need that the world waits on you to fill, there is a reason for your existence. Against the backdrop of that belief, you can draw strength to build a positive mindset that is reinforced with resilience and perseverance to see through any hardship. Do you want to be special?
Never see challenges as the bus stop, but a test that will amount to a reward if successfully surmounted. A ball will never bounce until it is filled with air and hit against a hard surface. Start from inside out, build your inner man with virtues and characters.

Watch out for my next post “Character Versus Charisma”

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