The Lie Behind Your Thought

Dealing with Negative Thoughts

Overthinking can ruin you. It confuses the situation, twists things around, forces you to worry, and often makes everything seem much worse than it is. – Marcandangel

You Need Wisdom in Exercising Your Responsibility Towards Others (Meetup  2018, Lesson 2) | Dr. Paul Wong

The Cognitive Behavioral Therapy model of psychology has well established that the trigger to our thoughts are events. Like the example in my last post, an interview experience can create a series of thoughts that can be negative or positive. It invariably remains that the same event can create different chains of thought.

If I hear a strange noise in my garden dead in the night, I can think it is a burglar trying to gain access and I can as well think it is just my dog being naughty. But the fact remains that my mind will not wait to confirm the truth or lie of that event before thoughts start forming.

Behind every negative thought is a lie you have chosen to believe either about yourself or the situation around you. Negative thoughts are always powered by a belief system that is most times based on wrong assumptions. If you are a nice worrier or probably have one as a friend, you will likely relate to this well.

I remember there was one Chemistry course I offered during my university study, which had a reputation for failure. The course was offered in the third year but the news of the records of failure has been well heard even during my first year. In all sincerity, I did not see the course as hard as the reputation of failure it has garnered; it just did not add up. The content was quite bulky and somewhat confusing but I still fail to see the point for the massive failures.

We sat for the exam, and I was confident I did well enough for a good grade. That was the truth of the matter, but the lie soon came when the result was expected to be out. There is always this peculiar belief with rumors on campus that there is a big percentage of truth in it. I could not wait for the source of the information but as soon as I heard that there was a 90% failure in that course, my mind just went into an auto cruise.

I began to doubt every bit of positive thoughts I had about the exam. My mind took me through every single question in that exam and I was remembering the mistakes I made in each of them. I lost every positive energy I once had towards that result.

This is the same way that strange noise in the garden can make someone lose his sleep thinking it could be thieves coming into the compound. There is something not true that fuels our negative thoughts. If only we can discern this lie and confront it with the truth, then we can stop the negative thought.

To be able to take hold of negative thoughts, you have to be able to take hold of the lies that facilitate the thoughts. Here is the catch, events can always be seen from two angles. Life is always about perspective, you can choose to take a positive view or otherwise. But we both know which one is best to take.

Believe it or not, it is not a spontaneous thing to remain positive all the time. Your situation can be so tight that all you can see are negatives. But you can always shake off the lies and negative thoughts by subscribing to some basic truths;

  1. Nothing lasts forever

Irrespective of the nature of your current situation, it cannot outlive time. The change will always happen, it is only a matter of time. I have constantly looked back at the times I have chosen to believe the lies of my mind only to find out later it was never true. Ask yourself, where are your worries of a few years ago?

  1. There is a positive reason  for your life

Every life is meant to have a positive effect in this life, it is only that many never realize this truth. You can always confront the lie about yourself with this truth that you are born for a reason that will positively affect the world. You are needed by someone, a group, a state, and ultimately the world.

  1. You have the power to make a change

There is no situation that is above you, there is a big part you can play. A good place to start making the change is by choosing to believe the truth and ditch the lie. With your positive attitude and resilience, you can wither any storm. You have to believe that about yourself to confront negative thoughts.

  1. You are special and unique

When you are about imbibing lies about yourself, remember it took some extra work to make you the way you are. You are not just unique, but special as well. You are not meant to be mediocre in any way, you’ve got class; believe it.

  1. There is a lesson or an opportunity in every event.

You will learn to approach any situation with a positive mindset when you believe that there is always good in every event. It is either a lesson or an opportunity, it is all about how you see it. When you take hold of this truth, you will choose to look at every event with an eye in search of a lesson or a chance to excel.

Negative events are never meant to cast us down, they are to build us up. Heavy potatoes rise to the top on rough roads are the words of Robert Harold Schuller. You will only grow and become better off in hard times when you learn to believe the truth and not the lies about that hard time. There is always a lie and a truth about every event, choose wisely and your thought will be right. You are an embodiment of positive energy and strength you have not unlocked, you just need to dig a bit deeper.

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