You think it has ended?

Now the end has come
Too much energy has been expended
It has been a tour of toil
The night candles have been kindled
Burnt to the last bit
Intentions have been invested
Emotions have been expended
Valuables have gone in vain
Not more is value in view
This is failure for real

The dream has dulled out 
Like a lamp deprived of oil 
The hope has dried off 
Like a plant deprived of water The zeal has fizzled out 
Like the dark in the presence of light  
Fainted out and out of sight Like the feel of rain in the winter

You think it has finally finished
Never can the stump sprout again
This is a tunnel devoid of light
It’s effort faulted to fail
This is failure indeed

But you have forgotten
We fail, fall, falter and fumble
But we learn and grow in their midst
Failure is failing to get up
Not failing after a try

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