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5 Ways to Remain Positive in Hard Times

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As a disciplined child, especially in an African setting; you cannot get home to meet a nice meal served on the dining table and just eat it. You will wait to confirm if it is yours even if it was intended for you. The fact that you did not yet know it is yours has not canceled the fact that it is.

Every man is loaded with the potentials and ability to achieve great things. But not realizing the presence of such immense deposits, does not remove them. The simple truth is that all of us have got what it takes to succeed, but we will not achieve it until we realize what we possess.

Take it or leave it, the environment does not change what we have within us, it mainly affects how we see ourselves. Take this, for instance, the eaglet that is raised amidst chicks may not learn to fly not because it does not have the wings and all machinery for flight. It may never get to exploit that potential because it may never think of itself in that light. The environment has not changed its wings or its bones designed for a magnificent flight and soaring as do eagle, it has only made the bird limited in mind.

The day the eaglet sees itself as different from the chicks probably after seeing an eagle fly by, something different will trigger within it. The success of flying has been in its grasp all this while, it just didn’t realize it. Many have become professionals at seeing things just through the auspice of their current circumstances and challenges, and have remained in the reality of that situation.

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Believe me, it is easy to say than it is to do. But the motivation is that taking the hard route is worth it. Learning to believe success is yours irrespective of the prevalent situation is a hard skill to master, but it is attainable and the best for you. The situation will never be perfect and the times will never be right, but you can remain positive and constructive through all………to be continued

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Watch out for the other half of this piece……..”Success is yours 2″

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