You are your problem 2

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In my previous post, it has been established that each person is responsible or meant to be for his/her life. Nobody can be your problem in life than you can be to yourself. If you fail to take up the driver’s seat of your life, then you have yourself to blame. With these three things in your life, you are your biggest problem. These are three keys that show you are not acting responsible enough for your life to succeed, just like that bird in the well.

  • Blaming

It is the path of the coward to always call out someone or something for a wrong. Blaming is simply apportioning responsibility for a wrong to someone else. That defeats the definition of a leader in every respect. Life is about taking responsibility for our actions not to concede the reign of power to another. He that blames is not in charge of his life, he will continually be a slave to the situation. The bird blamed those that dug the well and left it open and he was never able to rise to the occasion. Whatever goes wrong in your life, don’t be impulsive to point a finger at another person. Look within yourself for what you could have done better to change that outcome.

He who blames will sabotage himself of personal growth

  • Complaining

The complainer is always static as a lake. Driving with a leaking tyre could seem a good journey initially but it is just a matter of time before the halt. Complaining is a leak in the energy of any person. A lot of energy that could have been constructively utilized goes into the complaining. Complaint not only reduces physical energy, but it also takes its toll on the psychological wellbeing of an individual. It dulls your mood and kills your enthusiasm. Continuous complains can be a gateway to depression if not put in check. Critical people and perfectionists can be prone to complain, not being satisfied with anything. It is not anyone’s fault but yours if you let complaining keep you grounded. The truth is there is an endless list of things that will demand you to complain each day, you just have to decide not to follow that path.

What you’re supposed to do when you don’t like a thing is change it. If you can’t change it, change the way you think about it. Don’t complain – Maya Angelou

  • Making Excuses

As much as you keep making excuses, you keep short-circuiting your problem-solving prowess. Excuses clog the senses from devising a means to progress.

Life is not for the frail hearted and such is the one that makes excuses. It is a shortcut to settle for less or avoid going the full length. The easiest way to avoid taking responsibility is to be creative with making excuses. It does not take much effort to say the weather was too cold for the morning jog like it is to gear up and jog in the cold no matter what. The easy way is to either blame someone or find an excuse, but the better way is to make a change. There is a wide gap between giving a constructive explanation and giving excuses. One common reason for making excuses is the inability to start something different. Taking-on the course of change is always daunting and challenging. It is never easy to be responsible for effecting a change, but it is the best thing to do. If you desire success in life, then you must stop making excuses and rise to cause a change.

You Are The Problem, You Are The Solution: Andy Holligan ...

Nothing tangible is attained and sustained in a passive state, there is a requirement for conscious and concerted effort. Life is an active adventure that requires taking responsibility and owning up to the events. You are a reflection of your choices and decisions. If you are an expert in blaming others and making excuses, you will have a good life filled with no energy, bitter and stagnant. Energy and enthusiasm are renewed when used in a constructive endeavor, not by complaining or blaming others.

Bear in mind that your life is yours, to be experienced once and once alone. Stop living like it is a dress rehearsal, you’re on the big stage already. It is you and no one else that is responsible for your failure or success. A better you is possible, you can do far better than to complain, blame, and find excuses. You can become responsible, daring, and enthusiastic about life. Everything starts from the mindset.

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