Success is a journey

Nature teaches us patience in many ways

Life has always progressed in stages

From a state of innocence and ignorance

A child grows to master acts

From a throtling speech state

The toddler begins to talk with some grain

Under the watch of time, the word toddler is outgrown

And an independent mind is birthed

It has always been a gradual change of form

An harmless piece of seed preceeds a tree

Taking its start from a dark and lonely place

Buried like a being robbed of life in the earth

The seed springs up with vitality in few days

But it never stops there, it keeps keeping on

From the earth and the sun, it draws motivation each day

Ensuring it is motivated and not mutilated

Like a child takes the stages of walking steadily

The seed takes time to a seedling…….then a tree

But does it stop at being a tree?

Does a child stop at attaining speech and balance?

Success is a continuum not a port of call

Not a place to unload the ship and unbuckle the sandals

Not a place to cast the tools into stools

Never a time to let down the guard and dull out

Success is not an end to a journey but an endless journey

It is a progression that keeps life meaningful

It is not a sudden burst into comfort or a jackpot

Not a state when all battles are won

The batton is meant to be passed

Success is a daily affair, set in stages

A step today and another tomorrow

You keep mounting heights like a growing tree

A win today does not eliminate the need for another tomorrow

Success is not a story with a happy ending

It is a lifelong journey with several happy junctions

No endpoint for true success, it is a testament of life.

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