Life has always proven that there is ever a reason for occurrences, nothing happens by chance. To the slightest of events and activities, a predisposing factor is eminent.  Most people have never for once sat and wondered why they act the way they do. Some people are irritated at a slight sight of disorderliness, some people just love to stay quiet and just observe, some can just keep talking till tomorrow. Some get angry easily and some others seem to never get angry.

We must all bear in mind that all of us have inherited some behavioral tendencies. We have traits passed down to us from our parents that to a large extent dictates our behavior. But asides these natural dispositions, we are also influenced by our environments. Like we never had an influence on who gave birth to us, so we were handicapped in choosing our early life environment. 

Actions, reactions, demeanor and our behavioral tendencies is well shaped by the experiences and situations around each person. It starts as early as when the genes are combined in fetal development to early childhood and early adulthood. Traditionally, the temperamental division is a good place to begin the journey of understanding how you behave. 

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Psychologically, human personalities or temperaments can be grouped into 2 major categories:

1. Extroverts: out-going, more sociable, comfortable in a crowd, they like public appearance and image. This group can be further divided into Choleric and Sanguine.

2. Introverts: shy, reserved, do not love being in a crowd or public appearance. Can be further divided into Melancholy and Phlegmatic.

*No individual possesses only one personality type; we are all a combination of several temperaments.

*No temperament is superior or better than another, they are all for a specific purpose. You feel and reason the way you do because there is a purpose for it.

#1. Sanguine (The Talker): Impulsive, pleasure seeking, expressive, love influence, enthusiastic with people, sociable, 

Sanguine Personality Traits – the Boredom Busters | Psychologia

Make friends easily, always a child, loves compliments and doesn’t hold a grudge. 

-they talk a lot, struggles with completing tasks and are disorganized

-they feel bored if not engaged, most susceptible to addiction.

-Prefers group activities; work or play, not easily satisfied with individual work.

-impetuous and impulsive, his decisions are often wrong

-loves curiosity and hates routine, carefree 

-not always a leader, lacks initiative. 

#2 Choleric (Driver or Doer): dominant and desire control. Most insensitive, mostly male.

Choleric Personality – Testosterone Rules! | Psychologia

-self composed, forward and bold

-He is insistent upon acceptance of his ideas or plans or arguments.

-self-reliant and self-confident 

-exhibits strong initiatives and desire to lead

-reacts strongly to blame or praise.

-Doesn’t freely express emotions except anger.

-makes the best appearance possible; may use pretence or disguise

#3 Phlegmatic: Relaxed and quiet (The Watcher): good administrator, calm, cool and collected, tolerant, well-balanced, sympathetic, tends to be indecisive and a worrier.

Phlegmatic Personality Traits – the Web Thinkers | Psychologia

-wonderful at gathering facts, seeing the bigger picture and reading between the lines.

-deliberative, slow in making decision

-reserved and distant.

-has consistency of mood.

#4 Melancholic: Introvert and thoughtful (The Thinker).

Melancholic Personality Traits – Patient, Orderly and Attentive ...

-best at attending to details and analyzing problems too difficult for others.

-deep thinkers who tend to see negative attributes of life

-may be highly creative in literature, art and music.

-they are genius prone, purposeful and analytical

-tend to be highly organized, schedule oriented, tidy, neat and detail conscious

-they tend to take life seriously and are highly caring

-have overactive conscience and are self-conscious

-detached and distant except to close friends

-Not inclined to speak except spoken to.

Self discovery is a tool for self actualization when rightly employed. A good knowledge of your temperament can help you discover your behavioral strengths and capitalize on them. It will also help in addressing some areas of fault in order to garner more resources for success. 

In case you have never thought about it, there is a specific reason for the way you behave. Your temperamental combination makes you a perfect fit for a particular purpose. You are not analytical and thoughtful just for the fun of it, there is a sector that needs you.  Never underestimate the purpose for who you are. There is a reason for why you behave the way you do.

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