Out of rubbles can come precious pebbles
As from trifle can come ample
Little wonder disorder often usher order
Life poses as yet the apex paradoxer

Taking a ride on the wings of retrospect
I stumble on a story of great respect
A worthy prospect for the project in context
One in which discord subverts to a giant cord

It was one featuring two of several contrasts
First, a tall well built masculine cast
The other, brief in dimension, nothing of ghast
Like the forecast, together they cause a blast

With no doubt you can boldly say
These two can’t agree, discord has come to stay
In a burst it all fizzled like a play
Here a seed of animus is sown
And in moments it has grown

Like a coup happens in the twinkle of an eye
Ousting an era like the sickle a pear
Magically we have a toggle and the reality is new
That sown and grown fumbles and crumbles

What all thought sealed enmity
Opened the door for empathy
The dust was raised in animosity
But now it settled in amity

Friendship preceded by foeship
Just one of the paradoxes of life
Like a seed must perish to flourish
So there can be merry even when it’s messy.

Surely the dust will settle
Like every other one in situ
It’s everywhere even in Seattle
But what are you gonna be when it settles?

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