Forward you look and all is glory
Behind seems to have become blurry
Nothing more to make sorry
On all sides it’s glossy

The paths of old out of sight
Once the going was tight
The tunnel was devoid of light
Response was of fright and flight

Endless it was looking for toil
A barrage of Nothing but turmoil
All gear knocked begging for oil
No clue to what it is now

Casting a look at the days behind
Examining the times in rewind
You get tempted to whine
Does life need to confine to refine?

Must it wait till I’m wasted?
Squeezed of all sweetness like the drought does the land?
Sapped of strength like a wilted twig?
Shattered scattered and sombered

But alas there must be a story
You can’t just ascend the storey
You must extend and be sturdy
From your comfort you must descend and expend

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