Leave Fairness

Did you say I’m in the wrong?
What did you say is wrong with me?
Was it I that has made the world weird
Could I be blamed for the bias of life?
Or you want to say life is fair?

With each day goes weights of sweat
Swallowed by the scorching sun
Back bent all in labor for cents
All spent but no decent living yet
You still saying life is fair?

Fortune keeps smiling on the wrong sides
Honest work seems not to gain honey
It’s a page of perversity pulling pounds
Atrocities attracting attentions
And you still thinking this is fair?

Study hard and get a good grade they said
Here is the grade but no grade level
Jumble thought the jobs are gonna be calling
Every call has been made and no job is coming
You still come and say life is fair?

Let’s leave fairness and talk of toughness
Virtues are worth more in value
To my hard work I will add diligence
To my hustle I will add branding
To my style I will add class
I’m just gonna be the best of myself
And then leave life to decide

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