Before the first ray of the sun could hit the road,
Out we have set to beat the norm of the road
Great was our grief to see its paths free and uncongested
Dear Lagos road, what is wrong with thee?

How could there be no honkings and blarrings of horn
The red glows of incessant break lights were missing
Bus conductors need not shout ‘gbe body e’
Absent was the grammatical banter that comes from ‘you don hit my car’

There my shadow began to reason
How can the road be free at this time?
Upon you we do spend precious hours holding our peace
We’ve been made to stay on unsolicited queues with out vehicles

The reality has always been the hustle and bustle
More reason this day seems a mirage
Could it be that the thieves are camped on the way?
Or there is a public holiday declared without publicity?

O Lagos road, what a life of struggle you have taught us
So much that the presence of peace on you scares us
We get unconsciously uneasy in your unusual calmness
Can we have our busy roads back please!

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