Living by the Day


It’s not today I’ve been hearing people say I should live one day at a time;  and in all honesty I do want to live like that. But what of tomorrow, what of next week, what of next month?

I listened to an online training clip one day and I was greatly effected by what I heard. It was called the Past-Future Predicament; we spend too much time on our past and all we do is grief. We spend about equal amount of time on our future too and all we do is worry; all with almost none left to spend on the present.

We have all learnt to deny ourselves the joy of the moment because we are either beating ourselves up for yesterday error or busy worrying about how tomorrow will work out.

Life is momentary, and you only have that moment now!

We cannot do without having a past which in most cases brings us regret, but we ought to pick up lessons from such past to enable us have a better present. And our better present will eventually translate into a better future.

Life is more about doing the right things than doing things right

Because you have failed to do the right things in the past doesn’t mean you cannot do it right again. Learn to put the best into what you currently have at hand; do what you have to do, so that you can do what you want to do.

No matter how much you worry about the time you don’t have yet, the time you currently have will keep counting down. Or I should rather say it this way; no matter how much you worry about your life that is yet to come, your present  life keeps counting down. In the final analysis, time is not going; we are the one going.

It is truly hard to live as though you have it all perfect; but life can’t be enjoyed and appreciated without such feeling. Live one day at a time, let tomorrow worry for itself.


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