Constant Controversy


Have you ever imagined how easy life would be if we get all we desire at the instance of the thought? Many times I reminisce about childhood and I just want to go back to those times.  Everyone just desires that comfort; that state devoid of worries and fear.

But I won’t have to break the news to you that the reality of adulthood is way different, guess you’re experiencing it right now. Growing up has always come with responsibilities and expectations. On a regular basis, we are faced with choices and decisions; and many times it feels like one is living in controversy.

The expression ‘cross road’ is very relevant in this context; it’s always a crossroad battle at almost every stage of adult life.  The frustrating thing at times is that it gets down to funny stuffs like what to wear and eat.images (16).jpg

It’s always about being able to choose between contrasting opinions or differing choices. If this is an inevitable part of adult life, it then becomes so important to devise a way to go about it.

Life is a journey through controversies. You have to device a means to make choices and be settled with it. Life becomes burdensome when you have a disparity in your value system; and then the controversies ground you. Everything becomes easy when you learn that your worry or anxiety cannot help a dime, it’s best you believe it’s beyond you. Learn to rely on Him that made this whole system of disparing circumstances. Remember to always smile, life is all about moments. Seek to enjoy every bit of it.

Never forget; life is designed by a being after all.

I covet your feedback earnestly, do well to use the comment box and share this with your network.

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