Time has definitely gone-by since I last penned my thoughts here; guess the reason for the title today. It’s quite normal to have moments in life when retreat is the best form of attack.

We’ve always been told not to give up, but sometimes you have to give up; when you realize you’re wasting time.

Many have plunged further into debt due to not realizing that it may be best to give up so as to salvage what’s left. You won’t have to keep enduring a stagnant situation because you don’t want to give up.

Bouncing back won’t be of relevant use if there has not been a fall and  a supposed time of defeat or retreat. In war times, retreat can be a blessing in disguise at it afford the party a chance to re-access and evaluate the situation in order  to relaunch an attack.

Many times, what we need is a time out of the mess we are in; so as  to re-evaluate our situation. Taking stock and re-evaluation is not enough if it doesn’t lead us to bouncing back. To be able to effectively bounce back, let your time of retreat be used for answering these questions;

  1. Why: the most important question to ask in any plight is why. It is important to know the reason behind what you’re doing or will love to do. Get enough time to ponder on the factor behind your current state. Why has it all crumbled, why was it not working again, why the breakdown, why the standstill? Getting to know the cause is the way to go forward.
  2. When: a time analysis of when the decline began is key to understanding what actually went wrong. Was it when I stopped doing something I usually do or started to do something I don’t do? Was it a decision that was taken or not taken? The ‘when’ question must be appropriately answered if bouncing back is gonna be on the card.
  3. Where: the first ship has hit an iceberg and you have decided to get a bay to access your situation. You must not set sail again before answering the question of where is the next direction or destination. As much as it is important to know why you have failed, be ready to answer the question of what water to dive into next if you desire a bounce back.

    Failure is negative when lessons are not learnt from the experience of it.

  4. How: strategy they say is the plan of action to acheieve a goal; I say it’s the game plan. Don’t even think of a come back if there is no course of action in place. That is where the question of how is important. How do I get in business again, how do I attract my clients again, how do I get in shape again? These are ‘how’ questions that are expedient for a bounce back.

It doesn’t matter the area of life in question, we will all get to times when going back to our closet to relaunch will be our saving grace. Never be too modest or proud not to accept defeat when it comes, there is strength in retreat. But remember to bounce back stronger and better equipped.

I surely do miss your insights….thanks for reading and do use the like button and comment box.

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