Remember You Err


It’s the start of a new week and I just have one thing on my mind. I have seen that it’s quite easy to get people on the stake and slaughter them, it’s very easy to stand from the judgement standpoint and dish out rewards; but don’t forget that you also err.

Don’t bother guessing, this thought was kindled  by the popular saying;

To err is human but to forgive is divine

No saint in this, we all have that tendency to slay others on the stake of judgement; but always remember that you do err too.

We should all learn to consider antecedents or rather put ourselves in people’s shoe before we assume the motives for their wrong. No one is just bad without a predisposing factor. I know everyone still has a choice to choose good irrespective of the bad around or compelling situations; but are you sure you would have chosen the right if in that circumstance?

Many of us are good because we have not been opportuned to be bad.

It’s easy to judge a woman who cheated on her husband because you have a loving and sweet husband. With you rossy marriage, you will never think it’s sane for any woman to do such, but many times we fail to objectively consider others’ situation.

The simple message is this; “Remember you err too” Pick up constructive criticism and stop casting people down.


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