The word of Robert Harold Schuller always come to mind in this case;  “heavy potatoes rise to the top on rough roads” and growing up, I got a caption wound up in my head that says “hard things are put in our ways not to stop us”, but to bring the best out of us”

How true are these statements? In my opinion and experience; we can always become better and stronger in hard times if we are willing. The first criteria for growth remains our personal will for the growth; nothing is more relevant.

Seeing negative situations or hard times as an opportunity to learn something new is very īmportant. We cannot do without changes, and many times negative; but we can learn to be responsive to learning in such situations.


  • If you have never been broke, you may never think of a new way to make money.
  • If you have never been in debt, you may never have thought of improving your financial literacy,
  • If you have never been ill, you have never considered managing your health.
  • If you have never been sacked, you may never consider your passion
  • If you have never experienced unemployment, you may never have learnt that trade.

If you choose to see hard situations as opportunity to learn, then you will never cease to grow.

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