Just say I didn’t know what to write about yet when I noticed the potent topic right on my screen. The title box of my post editor reads ‘title’; asking me to input what I wanted to write about and it became what I’m writing about.

images (14).jpg

The subject ‘title’can be approached from several angles but the one I will love to spend some words on is what we are called. I can say and I know you will accede to it that our names can be said to be titles.

Title can simply be stated as what we are referred by or a tag by which we are identified.

The point I am going to make here is not about our birth names or last names but about those names we answer baring our consciousness. Someone need not be named ‘failure’ in an event called ‘naming ceremony’ for him to act or reason like one.  It’s a name he is answering or has answered unknowingly.

We at many times take too highly the opinions of others about us. It’s cool to seek feedback from those around us in a bid to be better; but we must be careful not to consent to negative and unconstructive notions.

Being a secondary school teacher and a student, I have a bit of experience on how what people say about us can easily slide into our subconscious mind. It is the power of words; as much as it is powerful in your mouth, less it is in the mouth of others towards you but never think it is powerless.

The goodnews is that you have a choice to or not to accept the titles given you by people. The world has it’s fair share of pessimists, critics and sardists who only see the negatives; it’s your choice to remain positive.

Don’t be nutmeged, it’s not as easy as I’ve written it; keeping your mind positive takes serious effort.

Remember to drop your insight in the comments box. How can we remain positive? Thanks for the love 😍

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