Thank God it’s Monday, though that does not come with the same vibe of Fridays; but it does have it’s own peculiar vibe. It’s another day to make more money, make more impact and gather more happiness. Surely, this is one of the most busy days of the week and sometimes I  cringe on the passage from Sunday to Monday.


Maybe you never asked yourself before, but I really think you should consider the question; why do you feel disgusted by Mondays and elated by Fridays? Guess you don’t feel that way, then I’m happy for you. But if you sincerely feel that way, I think you need to carefully consider some things.

  1. Do I love my job: many times, the job is the problem. It may not necessarily be the institution or organization you’re working for, but the particular role you’re playing. Sit and think about what you enjoy about your job, if its hard to find few moments that make you smile; there your reason for hating Mondays is.
  2. Do I get a fair wage? Aside loving or not loving what you do; a sense of being undervalued or underpaid can make work frustrating. If you feel you’re earning below your input, challenge your employer or go for a better challenge somewhere else.
  3. Is it time to start something of mine? I am very careful at this stage; many things can go out of the window here. You have to be double sure you wanna start your thing, and be extra sure if you wanna completely pull out of your job.


It is more rewarding and productive if we all do what we love; but the reality is that many will have to do that which is not really their love before they can finally start what they love. Its important to remain motivated at whatever we do.


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