Relationship is a beautiful  and integral part of our existence as social beings. We are surrounded by relationships at home, work, in religious places, and virtually everywhere we encounter people. The interesting thing about relationship at times is that you may be in one without knowing it yourself; this is essentially common in romantic relationships (discussion for another day).

As long as you meet people, you will be required as a socially intelligent person to keep a cordial interrelation with the people; this is your emotional intelligence. It is a challenge for many people to transit between relationships mainly because they have failed to realize that every relationships has different expectations and purpose.

Irrespective of the relationship you’re into, these three things are worthy of note to avoid abuse;

  1. RESPECT; this is not a function of age or status of who you’re with, its about acknowledging that this person is also a human with his own rights, desires, opinions, and wants and should be respected as such. Everyone you meet should be on the top rank of your respect until they prove themselves not deserving of it; it is no news that some people will surely show themselves undeserving of your respect.
  2. COMMUNICATION: clearly stating your expectations and desires in a relationship is important even at the neonatal stage. The best way to avoid any form of disappointment or misunderstanding in relationships is when expectations are well communicated. Imagine the hurt that will result when my neighbor expects me to dispose the waste or sweep the compound since he did it the first week without telling me. Two weeks down the line, he will start feeling I’m lazy or rather nonchalant. Don’t just speak, ensure the content of your speech is understood; then you have communicated.
  3. HONESTY: is simply being true to what you represent; in relationship you will enforce your commitment by your honesty. Mean what you say and say what you mean, don’t seek to live a lie. Being plain and open saves you a lot of unnecessary mental stress.

The list of ingredients in need for a good emotional intelligence goes on and on, but understanding and respecting the place of others, clearly communicating your expectations and being true to your words are really important. Your emotional intelligence guarantees your relational success to which a whole lot of your personal success is attached.

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