That which pleases the sight

Alluring to the senses

Commander of attention

Contender for the choice of the heart

Such it is that we call beauty

To the terrestrial we seek to see

Set the senses in a cosmos of desire

That which appeals to the outward

More we forget the menace of such

A chance to be full of it to whom has it

The danger of being blinded

by those who behold it

Beauty as we mostly believe

Is that which fades away

That which passes with time

In the morning it comes forth in its glow

But by night it is bereft of its boom

That we call beauty

Beauty becomes true with its inner essence

That which spurns from a well within

Not bound by the externals

But a spring of virtues that effects the external

Beauty is beyond the bones

Beauty is not skin deep

Beauty is of the soul not body

Beauty is of character not charisma

Take up the celestial above the terrestrial

Dress the inner being above the outward

In there lies you real comeliness

Thou art beautiful.

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