The Golden Vessel


We are in a world that believes so much in externalities, we see so much that are beyond us than we see those that are in our reach. We have based our supplies on external sources that we hardly get our hands dirty trying to make things work for ourselves.

I’m not arguing against believing in a divine force but I’m on a course that supports it. The energy that comes from the divine is meant to be from your internalization of that divine. Please let’s leave divine for now and go to more trivia matters.

Many have not realised that they are in themselves a pool of resources and that is why they keep requiring the government and society to meet their needs. That is the same reason why the government will keep blackmailing the people because the politicians as well are externalists.

From simple everyday details like being happy to feelings of accomplishment; all are meant to be from within not from people’s biased opinions.

Every man on the face of the earth is a golden vessel only that many never know it.

It’s unfortunate that that essence is what the society seeks to kill in every individual early enough. We will surely need to socialize, but it should be one that a class is at the mercy of another.

We have to make ourselves understand that we have all been endowed with abilities, resources, potentials, intellects and all that we need to be genuinely special. Learn to act from inside out, don’t always depend on the externals for it all. You are a golden vessel yourself.

Much love 😍

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