The New Nigerian Rule

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While I was living up west of Nigeria, there were some things I never noticed. There were some display of craziness that I witness daily today that I never witnessed in months then. On the roads of Lagos today, there is constant abusing and shouting from paragon drivers to keke guys, from keke guys to private drivers, even uber and bolt drivers are not left out.

This craziness is why some people avoid Lagos like a plague; but that is one of the interesting things for me. In the few months I’ve spent in this city, I have discovered what I called The New Nigerian Rule.

In case you have not noticed, a keke driver that just abused a bike man for not being patient, will act the same way few meters down that same road. And you begin to wonder, have a changed keke or the driver as changed? My brother! It’s still the same guy.

In this Nigeria especially Lagos;

When you do something wrong, it’s never wrong but it becomes a wrong when someone else is doing it

That is why a political party will accuse another one of vote buying because there was evidence for it. We all are hypocrites, claiming to be righteous as long as we are not caught in the act.

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It’s not about the road users or public office holders; it is about all of us. We should seek to live true to our believes and work to achieve a better society. Learn to do the right thing at all times, don’t wait for someone to tell you to; be responsible.

Much love 😍

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