Your Resolve

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Success has become a word of diverse meaning to different people. Some consider success as financial freedom while some other based their definition on attaining a specific height in their career, some others define success based on their passion. I’m not interested this day in your perspective of success; but rather in what is inevitable to achieving what ever kind of success you desire.

What sets anyone apart from others given the same constraints is the individual’s resolve, the drive within, the hunger. One of the most important things for the recovery of a critically ill person is the resolve to live, without it, the person will be as good as dead. Same it is with achieving an end, without that inner drive, that burning desire; success is not attainable.

The more hungry you’re for something,  the better your chances of obtaining that thing. When the chips are down and the going gets tough, when all fountains seems for fizzle out and the supplies become shut; what keeps you going then is your personal resolve about the course you have taken on.

Motivation is better when you can derive it from within you than what you wait for externals to get. How do you maintain a strong personal resolve?

  1. Be sure you are clear about your set goal: don’t base you definition of success on others. Ensure your choice of what to commit your resolve is devoid of contradictions within you. Clear out all contradictions in your value system. Make you choice and be clear about it.
  2.  Make the end clear: it’s one thing to know a path to follow; it’s another to be sure of the end. In reality you may not know the path for long, but you should be sure of the end you wanna achieve. Irrespective of the bends on the way or the detour, never loose that end picture.
  3. Learn to remind yourself by seeing yourself in it: one of the potent laws of nature that I have experienced is that of attraction. You can get yourself used to positivity by dwelling on positive things. You can strengthen your resolve by making yourself used to who you want to become. Deploy the tools of confession and visualization; say it to yourself who you want to be and see yourself in that position and every situation to enhance the realization will be attracted.

It’s not a mathematics formula that works immediately, it’s more of a long psychological process to develop a strong resolve; but it’s attainable. Success is attainable if you’re really hungry for it. Fuel your hunger today.

Much love 😍


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