Life lessons have never been palatable; but they have always yielded a better person. Felling pressed in on all sides is one of the processes of bringing out of us the best.

To get the best out of an orange, it is expedient to squeeze it. To cause water to be pure through distillation, it has to be heated to its boiling point. I am sure the fire cleansing of gold is a too familiar instance. Such as these are the lessons of life to mode us into a better figure.

We sometimes feel hard-pressed, about to give in and bow to the pressure; but just a little while, will come the best out of us. When you feel the wall caving in on you, don’t let go just yet; hang in there and gain the following knowledge;

  1. You will know your capacity and strength
  2. You will know your weaknesses
  3. You will know your friends, and
  4. You will see better.

Hard things in our ways make us see a better route than we thought exist. Out of rough roads, heavy potatoes rise to the top. It’s gonna be day soon, the night is passing away.

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