Make a living or Make a life?


Mondays are always about work, the chase for the paycheck or the chase to pay the bills. I’m happy for those that are not chasing the paycheck, but are fueling their passion and happiness with what they do. That is the status everyone at some point desire to achieve.

Everyone will not get the chance to start off with the best situations in place. Many have to engage in several jobs they don’t like, just to gather some capital. But the deal in this is; do you have a plan to pull out of the paycheck chase? Have you not become so relaxed and complacent to just roll along with your monthly income?

There is always a ground for achieving more, only if it’s in your agenda to do more. It is important to remain young at heart, learn to keep dreaming, learn to engage your mental energy, learn to chase your dream. Happy Monday guys.

Thanks for reading thus far. Much love 😍.

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