Monday Muse: Don’t be too busy to forget your Passion

It’s been such a long while I aired my thought; I guess this post speaks volume to me. If you are in the country I’m in now, you  may be tempted to chase out other things than your passion.

When you are constantly starred at by bills and responsibilities; you may get busy chasing paycheck and forget passion. It can be a real struggle to meet some demands but if we really think about priority; we may get back on track.

There is nothing more fulfilling than working in line of one’s passion but it’s even more fulfilling to be making enough money in line of one’s passion. When the later is not happening, there will be temptations to let go of one’s passion.

The wisdom here is not to be too busy to forget your passion. I know it can be a challenge, but always remember you will feel more joy and satisfaction doing your passion. Get the money but not at a cost of your passion. Never set aside permanently that which makes you fulfilled.

Thanks for reading, much love 😍

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