The Evil of Assumption

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Inquisitiveness is a natural attribute of humans, we all desire to know. Our desire for knowledge sterns from our desire to be in control; as knowledge makes us feel as such. Many times, the desire to know go unfulfilled and just like any other failed desire, a negative emotion results.

As much as the human mind is capable, it always seek ways to avoid negative emotions. In the case of failed desire to know; the mind assumes rather than accept ignorance most times.

Assumption is to surmise; having an unproven belief or supposing something to be true. It is obvious from the definition that assumptions are based on a limited supply of information. When you desire to know but is incapacitated by lack of information; you will most likely assume.

Assumption can fall into the truth margin, but more often than not in the false. Some are so used to assuming to the extent of becoming arrogant with their assumed opinions. Assumptions have always produced negative results, if you don’t loose out, you never become better off with assumption.

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The first and basic reason for me why you should not assume is not to rob yourself the chance to really know. Assumption clouds our judgement and hinders us from gaining the truth about the issue or person.

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The antidote there is to assumption is to ask. If you want to know, then find out by asking; don’t take the evil path of assumption. It destroys relationships and denies you of true knowledge.

Thanks for reading thus far, sure it’s been a while. Don’t fail to drop your insight on this to enhance our corporate growth. Much love 😍

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