I have a zero experience when it comes to parenting, but I can boast of having related with and being myself a product of that endeavor. A similar pattern I have observed about fathers and their sons; sons many times are always boys to their dads. I wouldn’t say I understand but I can quite imagine the wonder of watching that tender little thing at birth grow to become so big.

Witnessing such a great ascent in development can make a father feel his boy will always need his care in some sort of way.

Being responsible for someone for at least eighteen years is no joke at all; I believe that is one of the reasons why parents seem to hold on to their children. It’s fair on the side of the parent, but what of the child?

But the blatant truth is if you get too comfortable with the comfort of home, you may never become a man in time.

When should a father or mother let go of a boy and let him become his man? How does a boy let go of his parents’ comfort and decide to pursue being a man? For the boys and prospective men, I’ve got few suggestions:
1. Learn to be Responsible
2. Get to work
3. Get something to live for

I believe there is still more to this, you can always drop your insight and let’s grow together. Thanks for reading thus far. Much love 😍


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