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It is outrageous the ease with which some people point out other’s wrong and faults. They do it with such accord as though they are themselves faultless. I am not making a call to cover wrongs, or accommodate wrongdoings; I am just talking about no being an hypocrite. Before you point out that speck of wood in someone’s eye, have you dealt with the log in your eyes.
We are in a world where people thrive on other’s wrong; some deliberately exposed other’s wrong to facilitate their own rising what a world! But have you forgotten about Karma? I know you have this on your mind: “how then will another rise if someone is not put down?” Calm down, will you?

Even if it will take a fall for another to rise, must you be the agent for the fall?

Or have you not also heard that the sky is big enough for all birds to fly without disturbance?
This is what I have found out; the wrong or fault we are able to see in others are most times the ones we ourselves are guilty of or used to be.

So the next time you see a fault-finder, be sure he/she is or was a man of faults.

It’s just like the Yoruba saying that it’s only a thief that knows the path of another thief on a rock (my literal translation). Have you not known that your perspective on any issue is a simple representation of your value system?

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The next time you want to take the lead in pointing your finger, I consider the following:
1. Why: motive is the basis for judging our actions, it’s the unseen or non obvious reason for what you do. So next time you want to cast someone down, think about the reason why you are doing so. Are you trying to stop the wrong or trying to ridicule the individual?
2. You are not better: even if it was a fault you live above, are you perfect? It’s a sweet example that which Christ did for that Adulterous woman caught in the act brought to Him. If you are without sin, take the lead and cast the first stone.
3. Karma: it’s simple,

the homing pigeon will always find its way back home no matter the distance.

Expect the results of your actions to find your home just like the homing pigeon.
The aim of pointing out a wrong I strongly believe should be for building up not casting down. It should be to elicit correction, to make the person better. Anything outside this is hypocrisy. Next time that urge to raise your finger at someone comes, think about your motive and act accordingly.
Thanks for reading thus far. Don’t forget to share the post and to drop your insights and feedback. Much love 😍

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