You Are Who You See

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I don’t know if this is just me or it happens to others as well; when I discover a new word, for the next one week, I will begin to encounter that word almost every where, in novels, conversations, newspapers and even sometimes things I’ve read before. Same happens if I get to discover a new brand of car, it begins to pop up at every corner, it sometimes seems like people just decided to be driving that because I just knew about it. But I have come to know that it’s not like those words or cars have not been before my discovery, it was just that they were not existing to me until I saw them for the first time and then boom, they were all over.
The reality or existence of something will not be substantiated to you until you see it either physically or with your mind. It doesn’t matter the enormity of the potential within you, the manifestation lies mainly on you seeing yourself in such light.
Some latent abilities may have surfaced circumstantially, but you have to believe in you to keep expressing such. You must believe you can before you will.

You cannot become who you do not see yourself as; it is the power of visualizing.

You must first see it within, before it can gain expression. Michelangelo need not wait for someone to tell him how great a painter he is, he saw himself as a great painter. Stop waiting for someone’s validation; start seeing yourself as who you want to become.

Your becoming starts from your vision

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