Discipline: Key To Self Leadership

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I have not seen someone or met someone that knows someone that does not desire a better version of him/herself; everyone wants to get better at what we do or not do. It’s a common desire to have a better health, healthier relationships, stronger family bonds, bigger account status and even flat tummies and sexy shapes. Desire is perfect, but what are you doing to realize your desires?

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I once heard from someone that if you can successfully loose weight and get back in good shape; you can make yourself do almost anything. That got me into a little thought cascade and I realized it’s about discipline. I currently have a dear friend on the weight loosing course and several other ones with the mouth professed claims of loosing weight too. The simple difference between the successful ones and the unsuccessful many is discipline.
You must learn how to tell yourself what not to do more than you tell it what to do. I have observed that many times our mind just assume cruise mode and we don’t have to tell ourselves much about what to do; but rather, what not to do. Discipline is having a reign over one’s life, a regression control.

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I have long left the secondary school system before I realized that the prime of what I was to learn was discipline; how to control my life. That was the reason for the school bell, the timetables, the assemblies, the punishments, the exams, the vacations. The system was trying to teach me how to restrain myself from eating during lesson hours, how to focus on the task at hand, how to play only when it’s time for it. If about twelve years of education was centred on discipline, I know you will appreciate its importance.

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There is no becoming an upgrade of yourself if discipline is not embraced. Leadership is all about influence, and you must first lead yourself; influence yourself to a course. Discipline is simply being in charge of your behavior. It’s not a day job, it’s a progressive step.

As usual, start with the desire for a better you, recognize that you need discipline to achieve that. Access yourself and decide what not to do and start working towards it. Remember an habit is harder to stop than it is to gain.

Thanks for reading thus far, remember to share the blog and your thoughts. Much love 😍.


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