Now The Chips Are Down

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After about ten days of being away, I needed that to go fire up; we are back to blogging ways. Welcome to a new year and a wonderful beginning, it’s surely going to be a year of your making; so start making something. Let’s quickly shake off the holiday and resume our deliberate trudge towards being a better version.

Like I have once said in my post: disappointment 1, everyone will surely have a good share of damning situations; but the important thing is how we react. Situation will not always proceed as we have expected, but we can maintain a positive attitude irrespective of the situation.

those who can take the good and bad, success and failure, victory and disappointment with the same equanimity are the ones who pass the test of life – Aishwarya Shah 

You may be in or out of a difficult situation now, but have you realised that it’s no gain for you to sulk, wallow in self pity, or play blame games? Understanding the true value of people and things is one major reason for being in bad situations. I have always had this little piece stuck in my head as a kid since I wake to see it each day: Hard things are not put in our ways to stop us, but to bring the best out of us. But it’s sad enough that many people don’t know or believe that, they come out of hard times worse than they got in 😔.

Now that the chips are down, now that the dust has settled and the coast is clear; are you better off or worse? Using the words of Robert Harold Schuller: heavy potatoes rise to the top on rough roads. You are meant to be better off after a tough time, to have a clearer understanding of life.

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Stop grumbling and blaming, open your mind and see things from several other angles you never thought existed. Move from the biased stand point that you are unfortunate or just unlucky; become a better person. Rejection and disappointment will surely knock at your door and enter sometimes without waiting your nod; but you can always respond in a way to disappoint them by staying positive and seeing a learning opportunity.

I think I should reiterate it, hard times are definitely hard to bare. It’s sincerely hard to remain positive in such times, but there is too much to loose if responded to negatively. Why not begin to practice being positive when those times are not yet here? 

Welcome back to blogging ways, thanks for being there 2018. Let’s do more this year. Remember to share the post to bless more and to drop your prized insight in the comment box. Much love 😍.

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