Yet Another Year

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For diverse reasons which I have always failed to lay hands on, it has always felt that the years end quite hurriedly. I have sampled the opinions of a sizeable number of people around me and they felt same way; it seems the saying that time waits for no man is rather true then. Though multiple reasons for different persons seems to account for the pace of the years but one stood out.

Let’s see it from an angle everyone should be familiar with; you will agree with me that a day for which you have no specific plan or activity seems to linger as opposed to one filled with activities. The year no matter the number of days that makes it will always seems to hurry off because we are all full of activities. It’s somehow good you felt this year as ended soon enough because you had things to do; but the cogent question is, to what end were those activities?
We’re you just busy or you achieved an end? As much as we are in the reflective end of a year, with which may come some sombre disposition; it is also a time to put in shape yet another year.

It’s good to be busy, but it’s best to be achieving the purpose for which you are busy.

As we will soon begin a brand new year, don’t be worried that the year will soon end like this one; but prepare yourself to be engaged in productive ends and not just be busy. Get your focus right with these tips for the new year:

  1. Be happy: remember I said sometimes ago, that you owe you happiness. Stop expecting happiness from people or circumstances around you, you are responsible for your happiness.
  2. Live for a course that spreads happiness
  3. Live above self, it’s not all about you
  4. Go out everyday seeking to make someone happy
  5. Always remember you don’t own your life, it’s a gift.
  6. Plan your life, year, month, week and day.
  7. Don’t be too hard on yourself, failure is a lesson on how not to do something.

Thanks for an amazing year, be assured of a more rewarding 2019. Much love 😍.

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