There is a God

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A lot has been said about self, how important it is to believe in yourself and to take charge of your life. I had a post published about a month or so ago about the cosmos, how magnificent and majestic the universe is set up, how it will be folly not to acknowledge that a living and active force is behind the running of this world. Self help is good help, no doubt about that; am also a preacher of self actualization but in a reformed way I will say.

A little peep into ancient times gave me a glimpse into the believe that man has since accrued the running of the world to a bigger force. This was manifested through the various idolatry practices of ancient man across cultures and colours; they knew there is a god, but just did not know him. Till tomorrow, there will still be arguments and debates as to the reality and existence of God or rather whose idea of God is correct. But one thing that cannot be thrown away is the various situations and happenings that elude human judgement and explanation.

I am appreciative of the world researchers and knowledge seekers on how much they have made us understand our world, but we cannot debate the reality of some knots in their findings. All are pointing to more organized and advanced system than what man can contend with or understand. There is a big G. We can point to countless numbers of persons that were and some still successful from human standpoint who never seems to know or acknowledge the place of God; but to what end do they have peace?

The base and cap of whatever course you will channel your energy in life should be drawn from the knowledge of God, it is a guarantee of peace and success. I am not saying become religious, I am saying get yourself armed with relevant knowledge and resources while acknowledging God’s supremacy and be sure God will bless your effort. Reference God as the source and sustainer of all, then can you experience true success. Your knowledge and acknowledgment of God does not mean you should suspend your brain and be expecting some manna to fall into your laps. You have much to do, He has done His part.

In the merry of the season, I wish you lovely readers Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in advance. Much love 😍 

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