You Owe You

I have in recent posts talked about how important and rewarding it is when we spend our lives to spread happiness; I called it living for others. Without contradictions, I am certain that its a way to live. But as you must already know, living comes with challenges, sometimes we are encumbered with troubles. Our physical realities begin to torment our inward serenity at some point.
In times like this, living to make others happy becomes a burden, one so weighty that weighs us down. Why not? Because we feel sapped of our own happiness. Situations against our expectations will always happen and thus pose a threat to our happiness. The first defeat will comes when our happiness is external; as in attached to things. If we have learnt to harness our inward energy to produce happiness, we won’t always be put down when unexpected situations come our way.
Expectations of being made happy by friends, loved ones, circumstances and things is the cause of unhappiness. Why is almost every institution in search for self motivated individuals today, it’s because they have learnt not to rely on externals for their motivation. Same goes for being an agent of happiness, you must become an embodiment of happiness yourself, and you owe it to yourself.
Grow out of the whimsy entitlement mindset, no one owe you happiness; you owe yourself. Be a bundle of spark yourself and get your world lighted, only then will you attract more light. How do you maintain a constant pool of happiness from within? Bear the following in mind;
1. Nothing is permanent: it doesn’t matter how grave your current situation is, never forget it will not be forever. I can’t remember how many times I’ve felt like heaven will come crashing, but now; I can’t even remember those problems again. Don’t let any temporary hardship rob you of your happiness; you owe that to yourself.
2. You can’t change the situation but only your reaction: you have a choice to be put down by a situation or to put the situation down; but your effort is almost inconsequential in changing the situation. Why should you choose to be sad and gloomy over what will pass and rob yourself of the peace you could have enjoyed while the situation changes?
3. You owe it to yourself to be happy.

You will be selfish to yourself to let every negative ordeal bury you in the murk, no one owe you happiness. You owe yourself to be happy.

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