A Way To Lead

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Some while ago, I shared some thoughts about leadership; well, I’m not done yet. It’s my thought and experience and I’m gonna be sharing coupled with insights have gained from leadership experts like the renowned Christ, John Maxwell, Tim Fargo and lots more.

It might not be directly stated by contemporary leadership experts, but I’m convinced that a sure way to lead is wrapped up in two concepts. It draws away from the local perception of position rather than action when we talk of leadership. You don’t need to be at the forefront positionally, you just have to exhibit the attributes of leadership to be a leader.

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Influence is the watchword of leadership, but how is that influence achieved? You don’t just expect people to trust you with their problems, if you have not exhibited some traits that gain their trust and pave way for influence. These two concepts will increase your influence;

  1. Service: like the words of Tim Fargo, leadership is service; that’s how simple it can be defined. Against the backdrop of our cultural view, leaders are meant to give themselves to the betterment of others; not expecting to have others serve their course.

    Christ said, “he who desires to be first should be the servant of all”

    Let’s make it a bit practical, if I’m born in a family of four and I’m the one that seems to go out of my way to make sure the house is in order and everyone is happy, don’t you think I will have everyone’s attention if I need it? That’s how service brings influence. It’s a natural response for people to listen to to someone that takes interest in their needs and problems. Being in service of people is giving your resources for their good, letting go of your individual gain for a common gain. Leaders are servers. images (49)

  2. Responsibility: this could somehow fit into the traditional model of leadership but not in full. These leaders are good at making others responsible while not being responsible themselves. Leaders are meant to take the lead, initiate the action; not fold hands and give directives. Being responsible is being accountable, owing up to the course of action. Whatever happens in a team, the leader must own up and answer for it; that is taking responsibility. Either success or failure, a leader is meant to own up. images (51)

Everything rises and falls on leadership said by John Maxwell is the summary of being responsible as a leader.

Leadership can’t be without influence and influence can’t be without service and responsibility. Hold these two in high esteem if you desire to be influential. 

Thanks for reading thus far, don’t forget to send me your feedbacks via comment or mail. Much love 😍

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