3 Opinions On Guilt

Good day great minds, trust the day is starting well, going on well or went well as the case may be. Still on the subject of Guilt, I will be sharing 3 opinions I believe are important to hold if guilt will yield its intended result. As I’ve earlier stressed, guilt though a negative emotion, is intended to achieve a positive result.

A key tool that will aid the realization of the result guilt seeks to achieve is having the right mindset. A healthy way for the mind to guard and amend our wrong deeds is to make us feel bad about our wrongs. You can imagine a world where no one feels bad or remorse for their wrong, I’m sure you’re getting an obscene picture, a gruesome one. It’s quite unfortunate though that some individuals seems not to feel guilt anymore, it’s a problem of conscience. Guilt is based on our virtues, values and conscience; some consciences are severed already.
Irrespective of how severed or mild your conscience is, here are 3 important opinions about guilt;
• It is natural: I mentioned in a post last week that core to human existence is relationships, and thus by nature, there are measures to maintain that. One of such measures is guilt, an emotion that tends to correct our wrong deeds by making us detest the effect. As natural as it is, guilt is common to all humans; though some have severed consciences. Understand that it’s completely normal to feel bad for something you did that contradicts your value system, it’s a chance to correct the wrong.
• It has a healthy purpose: it cannot be over emphasized that the reason for guilt is to correct and amend our behavior. Failure to realize this can lead to unforgiveness of oneself. Just like challenges yield in us perseverance and tenacity, guilt yields in us better character and reformed behavior.
• It is temporary or meant to be: guilt is not a feeling that is meant to keep you buried, it is one that affords you a chance to retrace your step. It is not a feeling that should linger once the purpose is achieved; but it can until you take appropriate steps. If after realizing your wrong, you still feel guilt, even after being forgiven; then you need to watch it. Guilt is not to paralyze you, don’t let it.
You must note that for guilt to achieve its result, you have to take actions. It’s your responsibility to correct your wrongs if possible and to seek forgiveness. Guilt is just a cue to elicit the habit of amendment. Don’t over stretch it, it’s meant for your good not otherwise.
Thanks for reading, remember to always share you thoughts and insight with me via mail or the comment box. Do well to share this post with your links. Much love 😍

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