Guilt to Grief

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In excess measures, any perceived positive endeavor can turn to have a damning effect. As harmless as drinking water seems, try to gulp it in excess, and maybe you can share your experience. Over stretching almost any thing can result to negative effects.

Guilt is a feeling of awareness of a wrong doing, in itself; guilt can or is meant to lead to repentance and consequently a positive change in attitude. The awareness of erring normally is to elicit a remorse and regret for taking such action. That emotion called guilt, though negative; is aimed at achieving a positive result.

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Though guilt is meant for positive change, I have experienced times when guilt becomes a stronghold.

It is one thing to be forgiven, it is another thing to forgive yourself.

In our daily living and relationships, we may do (or not do) things for which we become disappointed in ourselves. The weight of the guilt from such sometimes get to us that even after being forgiven; we just seem not to let go of it. In such times, what is meant to lead to a positive change becomes a snare that keeps us grounded.

Grief is not as heavy as guilt, but it takes more away from you.

The initial feeling of guilt due to over indulgence, becomes grief. Grief is not as heavy as guilt, but it robs you of more. Sometimes, guilt may result from grief (loss of someone dear), but in some other cases; carrying guilt too long leads to grief.

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Guilt is truly heavy, how then do we handle guilt in order to derive the positive effect and not get locked up in grief? Do share your insight in the comment box. 

Thanks for reading, much love😍

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