3 Reasons Why You Should Live For Others

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Sequel to my post earlier this day, I mentioned a way of living which can be summarised as living for others. I know the weight of that statement “living for others” can be quite bearing. But sincerely that is the simple way to life; to get others smiling. It is not a status of not looking out for yourself, but it’s one of considering others happiness while doing the former.

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I have got three simple reasons why giving high consideration to others’ happiness is the way to live.

  1. It Strengthen Human Existence: like I’ve said earlier, at the center of human existence is society, no one is made for isolation. Imagine how peaceful and loving it will be if we all live to put a smile on someone’s face; if we desist from chasing selfish course.  Societal peace and progress will remain endangered by our selfish dispositions, until we decide to live selflessly can we have a healthy society.
  2. It Makes All Happy: going for others happiness is not robbing you of yours, but a sure way for your true happiness. It’s a man that has lost his core being that will not be joyful to be a tool of happiness to someone. Both parties will enjoy a spasm of joy, it’s fulfilment. images (44)
  3. You Will Have Peace: when you have no fire on your roof, you can sure sleep with both eyes shut. Living for others put you in a place of peace, you don’t have to panic.

Don’t think it’s all simple as I’ve done in penning the words, it’s actually a bit crazy and stupid to live for others in this world. But I’m certain it’s a worthy course for a life that wants to be remembered for good impact. It’s a gradual step to live above selfishness and greed, but it’s surely possible. 

Thanks for sharing in my thoughts, do well to share it with others and to give you insight in the comment section. Much love😍


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