You Are A Gem

It’s important to say at this point that I have not forgotten about the leadership talk; in fact what I was about to write on “You Are A Leader” but somehow the leader changed to Gem. I know you are wondering how, that makes two of us.

I grew up in a fairly balanced home where I never had issue with negative words or abuses and at the same time didn’t really hear many praises either. I love my parents and how they brought me up, but they were still more African as expected. I know many people of my age had similar situations; but some had a tilt to one direction than the others. Many had to grow up amidst negative remarks and comments, many have struggled and still struggling to hold a positive thought about who they are, their potentials and their future.

If a plastic is subjected to too much heat, it will become liquid; that is how negative words have melted away some people’s worth. They didn’t know that who they are, or will be is not a question of people’s opinion, but a question of the image they create.

Who people see you as or say about you does not matter as who you see yourself as and say about yourself.

Can you say you are a gem? Well, I know I’m a gem but sincerely probably one person has said it to me before. But I didn’t need someone to say it to me before I convinced myself that I am one. It doesn’t matter the state you are now, it doesn’t matter how terrible you feel about yourself or they have made you believe about yourself, you can start believing right now.

Make it a conscious decision to feel good about yourself, tell yourself you are a gem.

Get it down into your consciousness by saying it to yourself daily, use the words like a pill every time you feel down.
You are truly a rare gem for reading this through.

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Love you 😍

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