Who’s In Charge Here?

Good day lovely people, let’s get some new insights this day. I don’t know if you work in a private or a public organization, if you are a student, or probably a father or mother; whatever position you occupy in life, the question of who is in charge will always be asked. Unconsciously we will seek to know how authority is structured in whatever body we find ourselves.
Many times the question is wrongly answered, because we look at position rather than ability. The point I’m driving at this day is that of leadership.

It’s an injustice to try to or do equate position with leadership; being in charge is not about position.

Leadership is about leading, not about being in a position of authority.

I don’t have to be the owner of the house I’m living in to repair a broken tap, or a leaking pipe. I don’t have to wait for the government to fix the drainage on my street when I can; that is being in charge. That is simply leadership, it’s not because I am a politician, or a professor, but because I take charge.

The one that is in charge is the one that leads, irrespective of the position he or she occupies in the establishment.

The high points of leadership is responsibility and service.

For the next couple of posts, I will be saying what I know and I’ve experienced about leadership. Don’t wait to drop your views so that we can all drink of the pools of wisdom resident in you.

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