“The Ball Is In Your Court”

I’m a partial fan of lawn tennis but in comparison with football, I will consider myself not even close to being a fan; but that’s not the point anyways. In court games of which lawn tennis is quite popular, the ball is played into opponent’s side of the court. When the ball lands in your court in a tennis game, you don’t just stand there and watch it bounce off; you play it right?

The court is not a place for passiveness, it’s a place for active involvement.

I’m an African and we can be pretty religious, spending endless hours in prayers and rituals. We have believed so much in magical occurrences that we neglect the ball in our courts. Many wallow in mediocrity not because God is wicked to them, or they are bound by some cause or whatever; but simply because they lack the right knowledge about life. Life is like a court game, nature has done well to give us a well built court, finished us with rackets to play with. But when the ball falls into your court, how prepared are you to play it? Do you even realize the ball is in your court at all?

In many cases, we are just complacent, waiting on God to come and change our lot. But we didn’t realize that God finished creation and went to rest. He has made all already, it is ours to proceed from where He stopped. Stop believing some myth or mirage called fate or destiny that make you sit and complacently accept all that comes your way.

Rise and take hold of your life, don’t just exist, start living.

Don’t get it twisted here, without doubt, there is the place of God the Supreme one. He has a good plan for your life, but much is dependent on you if that plan will materialize. It’s just like your child that you promised a trip to the Bahamas if he passed his exams excellently. But unfortunately, he failed; the ball was in his court to study and prepare well for the exam, but he failed. We are many times like that child, God has plans for our lives, but how prepared are we? Or aligned are we to those plans?
Stop waiting, letting your life pass on; learn to take hold of your life. If you want to proceed to play the ball in your court, pay attention to these;

1. Discover Purpose: you can deny it till forever, but I’m certain there is a reason for every life. It’s your role to find out that thing that your heart beats for, the positive impart your life is meant for; that is purpose.

Self discovery is the first step to leading a fulfilled life, purpose gives your life direction.

2. Gain relevant knowledge: life is lived based on what you know, what you don’t know will keep rule over you. You won’t be expecting someone to pass knowledge unto you automatically, knowledge is gained by conscious and deliberate effort. The more you know, the more you can apply, and the better your life will become.

Knowledge is the path to wisdom and wisdom is the key to peaceful life.

3. Work: I would have put this as hard work but that would have been tautology. Gaining knowledge to start with takes diligence and that’s part of working. Life is give and take, it’s a reward system that is balanced. Work becomes easy after the right knowledge has been gained, but the place of work can’t be substituted.

Diligence and commitment to the course of your purpose is key for success

4. Be an Optimist: “on rough roads, heavy potatoes come to the top” that’s a statement from Tough Times Never Last by Robert Harold Schuller. What will keep you in the tough times which are inevitable in life is remaining optimistic. Life’s darts will surely come, but you must remain positive. Nobody will do that for you, it’s yours to do.

Your positive state of mind will attract positive things to your life.

Life is more than just passing time, don’t make yourself a casualty on the court of life. Rise to the challenge by equipping yourself with relevant information about life. Know who you are and what you are made to do, arm yourself with knowledge, get to work and keep being positive. That is when you can play well the ball in your court.
Thanks for reading. Much love.

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