Thou Shall Not Fornicate!!!

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I know that statement is not a strange one to any one who has grown up in the same or similar society has I did. But you will agree with me, that is one statement that has lost its relevance in this generation. I took out time to really think about it, why shouldn’t we fornicate?

If God commanded not to, I realised it didn’t actually affect Him if we go ahead and  do; just like it won’t affect him if anyone steals. So it’s right then to conclude that it’s more about us than about God. From my thought and a moral stand point, I found the following as reasons why not to fornicate. I’m not being religious or spiritual here;

1. It clouds judgement: sex in a relationship blinds both parties to looming danger. Issues that should have been talked out will end up being ‘fucked’ over and swept under the carpet.

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2.It can lead to addiction: exposure to things such as sex at some early stages in life can lead to a loose to control over the urge for it.

3. Infections: Sex with multiple partners can predispose to several sexually transmitted infections. I know you know that.

4.Wrong decision-making: ladies sometimes are wrongly attached to a guy because he was their first. Sometimes they stick with the guy against all odds just because he dis-virgined them. Without fornicating, you won’t get yourself in such a fix. In other cases, some base their choice on quality of sex, haven forgotten there is more than sex in keeping a relationship.

5. Think about the future: I know sex is no longer a big deal to a larger proportion of today’s society, but how will you feel after twenty years to discover that the woman you married has been slept with by two of your current friends?

I know you are not affected by any of these reasons but how did you feel deep down the day you first fornicated? Be true to yourself and do right accordingly. More love. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to drop your view; Should we keep fornicating?

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