Real Husbands

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I know I did said something about being a real man in my last post, but sincerely do you think that’s all about being a man? You must be kidding yourself if you believed that, there is more to being a man than those stuffs. But those things I mentioned are very  important. Talking about being a real husband now, which I believe is an overflow of being a real man. Maybe I shouldn’t have mentioned this ğŸ¤· , but I did already; I’m not married yet. I know someone ain’t ready to listen to me talk about being a husband anymore, it’s ğŸ˜Ž, but you are not gonna learn.

Straight talk here not gibberish, being a real husband is about being a real man; a leader. Many times the problem is in understanding the husband role or probably getting some terms like ‘Head’ and ‘Authority’ wrong.  The husband is called head of the home not because he’s muscular or whatever, it’s because he’s meant to be responsible.images (24)

Being responsible is simply responding to an ability as defined by a man I look up to. Being responsible is owing up, being accountable, answerable for an act performed. The problem here is that the act is not just that performed by the man, but all actions performed in your home.  Real husbands don’t chicken out, they don’t point fingers; but the own up.

Real husbands are not dictators or authoritarians, they are selfless leaders that appreciate the input of their wives. Part of being the head is in making final decisions but that doesn’t mean the wife’s opinion is not sought and considered. Real husbands are not rigid like a concrete pillar, they are amenable.

I have had about men that mask their emotions with all manners of foundation, but to what end. Being a leader is not in faking strength by masking emotions, let you weakness be known. Real husbands see their wives as a complementary piece, not a competitor or just another piece. Let’s skip the others to the summary part; real husbands are:

  1. Responsible
  2. Selfless
  3. Caring
  4. Helping
  5. Loving.

Being a real man or real husband is essentially in being a leader. I’m sure the concept of leadership is not strange to you. We will talk about it soon.

Thanks for reading. Much 😍

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