Inquisitive Mindset

It doesn’t matter how viable a seed is, if planted in a ground devoid of the necessary enrichments; it won’t do well. Every human is born with a versatile and fecund mind, capable of doing great things. But as a seedling can easily wilt, so easy it is to kill the creativity of the mind.

The key to developing and manifesting the creativity of the mind sterns from the inquisitive mindset. Our ability to gain relevant knowledge and consequently becoming wise is in asking the relevant questions. Kids are the most inquisitive beings you can encounter almost anywhere, it’s a human natural disposition. We were created to ask, so that we can know.

The sad thing is that few years down the line, kids that were once asking almost anything about everything becomes retracted. The learning process becomes thwarted and the seedling wilts. Many times parents annihilate the inquisitiveness in their kids without even knowing it. Avoid these things to keep your child’s inquisitiveness;

  1. Shunning: because you don’t know what I have asked or because you feel I’m not old enough to know doesn’t mean you should shun me. It is more respectable to say you will find out an answer to a question than to shun the asker.
  2. Yelling: fear is the fastest tool to make a child less inquisitive. Yelling at a child even adults because of what they asked creates a fear to ask some other times. Fear creates distance and disconnection; perfect scenery for killing inquisitiveness.
  3. Lying: sometimes we feel the best way to deal with a question we don’t wanna answer is to give a false answer. We many times forget that once the truth is revealed, our credibility diminishes. Even if it’s our child, he will think twice before asking the next time.

We don’t really realize these things while growing up, neither did our parents know they were doing any bad. It’s important to desire to be a better parent, the mind is meant to be cultivated, nurtured and groomed. The inquisitive mindset is necessary for a creative life, don’t kill it.


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