Change, simply a process of becoming different is one key thing that can not be avoided in life. It’s of no respect to status, gender, wealth or lack of it, or educational prowess; things will always be dynamic. As much as it cannot be avoided, it brings with it a feeling that is often unwanted. It’s that weird feeling you get when you finish your degree and you don’t know what lies ahead but you know life won’t be the same again. Change is important to our lives and we must learn to respond accordingly to it. How should I handle change?

  1. Expect it: when you are dealing with something you can’t avoid, then expect it. Change will surely come, so the first thing is to expect it and prepare for it.
  2. Be Optimistic: life operates a law of attraction, you attract what you think about. As much as change is inevitable, expect positive ones in your life. Learn to see the good side or a good side in everything.
  3. See it as a growth process: If growth will mean an increase in size, then change is manifested. Learn to see changes as a step in growth. We grow based on the knowledge we have, so a change is a platform to learn new things. Embrace change and you will grow.
  4. Accept it: it’s not possible to learn from a change when you fail to accept the change. Accepting will open your eyes to evaluate the circumstance and learn.

When change comes, we are mostly  incapable of overturning it; but we can control our own response. Learning to remain positive in the face of any situation is key to handling change well. Thanks for reading, much love.



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