It’s not a new concept, or one that is not familiar. We must have before marveled at the diversities observed in human behaviour. We are all born with unique temperamental dispositions bearing on our genetics and environmental influence. In the wake of these differences, there is a need for proper responses starting from an individual to interpersonal relations. Important notes about temperament are;

  1. No temperament is best: it’s selfishness deep seated in our mentality that makes a man to expect others to accept his temperament while not accepting others like they are. Temperaments come in a blend of strengths and weaknesses, so don’t be feeling like you are the best behaved or something. The best way to relate with people is to be willing to accept their weaknesses by leveraging on their strengths. And on personal grounds, you don’t have to feel less because of your temperament, you are not inferior to anyone; you can become better.
  2. Expect Changes : As we grow, we are influenced by circumstances and our environment. These may lead to a positive or negative shift in our temperaments. A child may become resentful as he grows depending on what he’s exposed to daily at home and in school. It’s good we expect changes in our behaviour as we pass through different stages of life, but expecting it will help us be mindful of it. Then we can choose to yield to the positive ones.
  3. Commit to a better change: Late Dr. Myles Munroe said a lot about this and I quite agree with him. Every man seeks power; a control over what happens around him. We many times desire to take hold of our temperament, especially the weaknesses. You may have been known for being erratic, or pessimistic, or overly shy, all these can be mastered only if you will allow the ‘Governor of the Earth’ the one man was not made to function without to dwell in you. All human temperaments are not good enough for peace in the world, we must all manifest a better one with fruits of love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness and self control. That is the best temperament there can be.

Thanks for reading, much love.

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