I have experienced about two weeks now filled with changes, both anticipated and unanticipated in some quarters. I have learnt some lessons based on the changes that have occurred. We many times learn our relevance when some changes like relocation occur.

Don’t be fooled, you cannot be relevant to every one, but you fail when you are relevant to no one.

Two major things account for relevance has I have come to know:
1. Service: I have many times searched for something else that makes a man relevant like truly being a blessing to others and I haven’t found. You leave an indelible mark on people’s heart when you serve.

It’s simple, just render help without an expectation of gratitude.

2. Be Humble: humility is a well rounded character that pulls together all other good characters.

Humility is simply agreeing that pride is subtle and you can be a victim; but you are ready to give all to do without pride.

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